strawberry creek

Improvisations on a theme of forest life, using a mix of software to play with color, tone, light, rapid articulation of tiny forms that creates a sense of musical tempo and harmony.



Experimenting with projecting this digital painting onto the wall in my studio.  There are so many pluses to working digitally, but one of the downsides is that the work usually resides on your computer and you experience it only at screen size...but here, via projection power, we get to see it at a grand scale.



These two photo below are from a series made with plastic straws and a miscellany of studio objects.  Not quite abstract, but with enough resonance of the real and enough suggestibility to mimic pure line.  I replicated the straws with their shiny colored surfaces in 3D, then took that image into Corel Painter and made a custom brush with this image.  Then I could draw with free gestures of calligraphy but using the shape of the brushes rather than ink.  The pictures above, "sibelius", "sibelius2", are painted with this custom brush.