My work is a form of visual music, in that it uses the structures of music to inform the creation of both digital images and animation.  It is never an attempt to replicate or translate a particular piece of music, but is built around the  common gene pool that music and painting share, in their basic design language of form, harmony, texture, repetition, rhythm, melody.  

My working process has a strong correlation with jazz improvisation, where a theme is explored, handed-off, surrounded by chordal harmonies that shift and expand with invention.  Many of my works are done in series, with variations in rhythm, scale, and tempo owing much to musical composition.

There is a continuous hybridizing going on between photography, 3D animation, and digital painting.  With the digital paintings, I use photography as a visualization tool, then explore these ideas further in 3D and painting software.  With the animations, I draw directly in 3D to create a series of visual samples, then mix and arrange these movie clips using real-time vj software and mixing tools.    Whether the final output is a still image or an animation, improvisation is used to create works that can live easily in a terrain shared by both painting and music.