These abstract animations take their structure from dance and jazz improvisation.  Working with a gestural drawing tool in 3D I am able to design movement that is very free and organic.  These 3D clips are then edited and arranged using vj software, which allows real-time interaction with the clips to alter speed, effects, coloration, and basic editing cuts and transitions, much like a live jazz performance..  

Night Fishing with Cormorants, 2009


"Night Fishing with Cormorants"  is a very loose and abstract meditation, inspired in part by the 17th Century Japanese screen painting by Kano Tanyu, "Night Fishing with Cormorants", and by the very stark and beautiful novel of Akira Yoshimura, "Shipwrecks". I am not telling a naturalistic story in this piece, but rather I have tried to make a work that will hold in equal reverence the spirit of the bird, the fish, and the fisherman.

Music by The Headroom Project, “Winter Skies”, from the CD, Dominatus Illuminato Mea.

Duration 4:13,  Video Projection



sumi dreams, 2014

Sumi Dreams captures the energy of hand-drawn calligraphy, creating a richly colored environment where natural forms inhabit a space that is equal parts of the sea and of the imagination.


accidental species, 2014

Accidental Species is a biology term for birds or creatures cut off from their home territory by storm or catastrophe.  This film is a metaphorical treatment of this isolation and aloneness in a strange terrain.  It's the story of a creature tossed by storms onto a strange and desolate island.  The authorities on this island are hostile to outsiders and vigilantly patrol their territory.  

Music by Ryo Utasato, 2014


Otello, 2014

Jazz improvisation, full-color rendition.

Music, Manuel Ochoa



Using the basic constructivist vocabulary of simple primitive shapes, I created a rhythmic arrangement of these elements, always balancing choreography  with the more painterly elements of color and light.  Nothing is synced with the music in this piece as the music and animation were brought together after the final visual mix had been completed.

Music, Mike Boo, Dunhill Drone Conspiracy


motion sketch 2010, electrophoresis

During this time I used to do a short motion sketch everyday as part of my art practice.  They were usually under one minute, and explored some part of the 3D software that I was learning or teaching.  They were inspired by music that I was listening to at the time, and I had no other agenda than to have fun.

Music by The Headroom Project


motion sketch 2010, double vj

Cloning objects yields a fractured yet rhythmic unity that is play to forces of attraction and  repulsion.  This creates an environment  where sound and graphics work as parallel entities to create a new kind of wholeness.  


All the possible braidings, 2007

All the Possible Braidings is an abstract choreography.  Once I had completed the 3D portion of the animation, this film sat on my desktop for a year without any music before I heard this beautiful cello piece by Jamie Sieber and knew that it was a perfect fit for the mood of the animation.  It was first screened in the Visual Music Marathon in Boston in 2007, a festival dedicated to exploring the many possible relationship of music and graphics.  

Music, Jamie Sieber