Tall Bots

Drawing with Science

Tall Bot_7.jpg

New Heat Gun

Foraging in the pantry for plastic cups and containers to shape and melt.  Using a heat gun to make them malleable and vaguely suggestive of rocky terrain.

Minimal morning sketch

Wire and jewels as sketching materials...getting a more pliable line than with bamboo constructions, and integrating color into the line without getting too much into terrain of painting.


minimal palette of things

Very line dominated construction, but the overall space is roomy and allows for exploration and chances to rearrange the composition with different focus.


Drawing with Things

Daily drawing project, utilizing a mix of dimensional objects like this translucent plastic sheet, along with moss, pastels, etc. , which I then photograph.  I want the point of view to be ambiguous, as if we're not sure who is narrating.


drawing in layers

Geometric design with bamboo forms.  .These simple table-top arrangements can get busy very quickly, so I intentionally limit myself to 8 layers, counting light, shadows, reflections, background paper each as a layer, which leaves me with the bamboo, plastic frame, and perhaps 2 other supplemental texture layers.


Drawing with Straws

Morphing from photos to custom brushes in Painter with calligraphic flow.